Our journey

How it began

Liquit’s story began in the Netherlands in 2015, when its three founders recognized a glaring hole in the application management services available to businesses.

Leveraging their decades of collective application management experience, they sought to create a one-stop solution able to fulfill all of an organization’s application management needs simply and efficiently, reducing the workload for IT teams and removing pain points for end-users.

The result

Liquit, an end-to-end application management platform that immediately raised the bar for what an application solution can mean to a business. Incredibly intuitive, highly flexible, and technology agnostic, Liquit provides its clients with a competitive advantage that increases productivity, reduces costs, and empowers the work-from-anywhere capabilities that have become a necessity in today’s market.

The game-changing nature of Liquit has not only made our customers happy, but also attracted accolades from business and technology leaders, including being designated as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2018.

Today Liquit continues to expand its presence around the globe, constantly innovating to provide our clients with tomorrow’s application solutions before they even realize they need them.

Our Philosophy

Application management represents a uniquely complicated and constantly evolving problem IT teams have been dealing with for decades. With so many options for application delivery and the hybrid IT environments many organizations employ, there are endless opportunities for difficulties to arise. Liquit’s team has extensive, decades-long experience dealing with these issues, which is what drives our passion for removing these frustrations for organizations and end-users alike.

Since its inception in 2015, our mission to remove these complexities has propelled Liquit towards a singular goal: make application access and management as simple and intuitive as filling a glass of water from a tap.

The typical end-user isn’t concerned with the technological complexities behind application delivery and management. They just want to be able to get and use the applications they need, consistently, no matter the location they’re working from or the device they’re using.

Liquit’s robust platform delivers on its founding promise to make application management simple and reliable, keeping end-users happy and productive and freeing IT teams from otherwise time-consuming tasks.

For our hundreds of thousands of users across the globe, Liquit is an indispensable technology that makes a difference every day.